Finding Home Goes On

We are still waiting for the process to be complete.  We are now waiting for the completion of the loan process and the necessary repairs to the house that we requested. It has been what seems like a bit of a drag on some fronts and it appears the agent on the “other side” lacks the experience to really follow through. Thankfully mine is quite the opposite. Whether we will close at the hoped for time remains to be seen at this point.  The house makes it’s way into my mind more often now, though I am trying not to think too hard on it should things not go as planned.  Out of sheer frustration I found myself browsing properties the last two days thinking perhaps I should keep my options open.

While I am certain this is not unusual and most people, except those with great incomes, experience the same thing, I am anxious to get my family settled and back to some sort of normal.  This side of me is growing increasingly impatient, and it is becoming ever more difficult to remain easy going about it all.  This is why I have chosen to surround myself with  beautiful things, or rather I think something has chosen to send them my way. It reminds me that while I am living without those familiar trappings of home,  some things are constant and ever present.

Tomorrow no doubt I will hear something I  am sure.  Whether we move forward or whether I take  a bit longer ride on this seemingly endless rollercoaster remains to be seen. 


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