A Moment Of My Own

This morning I feel the urge to write, something I have been struggling with since we started our journey to find a new home.  I think, however, this urge will not be satisfied until we are all settled and privacy becomes a reality once more.  The words inside me are many right now and I long to pour them out on the page. Sometimes I find when I have so many words they become jumbled in their haste to emerge and instead of flowing beautifully on the page, they bounce around inside me for days.  So it is today, and coupled with the frequent interruptions of a family one on top of another, they will have to wait.

In lieu of my words, I have been posting art and poetry trying, I suppose, to share the tranquilty I find when I discover an enchanting painting or beautiful prose. I find it odd that it took me so long to discover this world and each time I find something it is like unwrapping a gift.  Tranquility and peace are rare things right now with a family packed so tightly together.

It is bedtime for me now, the night’s work done and my eyes closing as I try to look at the page. Perhaps later today I will find a moment of my own and perhaps one for my own words as well.


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