The Dance of Autumn

Sunday was a lovely day and I decided to open the window and enjoy the fresh air.  The air was cool, filled with the scents of a an earlier rain, and as I sat with my thoughts I could hear the geese chattering away. It was familiar chatter, the song the geese sing each year, heralding the arrival of fall and the changing of the seasons.  I decided I had been planted in front of the laptop screen long enough as well as tethered to my phone so I set out on foot to work later in the day. The walk was beautiful, a chance to enjoy some of the last warmer days to come.  

 The leaves are still green and the flowers of summer still fill the landscape with their delicate beauty. The first frost has yet to come and kiss them with the sleep of winter. Hopefully that will be delayed for a few more weeks.  This morning when I left work, in a car this time as it was dark, the air had a familiar chill and I knew the geese had once again been right, their song always there each year when Autumn blows softly across the land.  Soon the leaves will change bringing beautiful color to the day and as they change and fall, the geese will take to the air, their call signaling more changes to come.  

Time passes and seasons are constant but ever changing, Autumn with is brilliance falling away to clear the canvas for the silver shimmer of winter, winter to spring and spring to summer.  I hope to be settled soon so I can savor the dance of Autumn from my windows.


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