Where Am I?

I did not realize how many days it has been since I have posted. While keeping the blog filled with pictures and poetry, my mind has been elsewhere and there has been little of the serenity I try to create on this blog.

 The search for home has intensified, the last days I hope coming to an end.  At one point we though it was all falling through and tired of being on the rollercoaster of emotions I started moving on.   However it seems there are other options and while those involved have been working tirelessly, I am becoming weary of it.  Should there be additional obstacles, I think the time has come to say enough.  At this point my family needs to get settled and had it not been for them, I would have walked away from this a week ago.  We are now being badgered by the sellers agent who from what I can gather seems a bit of a young bully. I do not take to bullies well and this has left things feeling off for me. 

As I lay awake the other night I thought about the worst that could happen. It was then I realized things would be ok regardless of the outcome and regardless of where we live.  The people involved in this transaction have interests that clearly do not include my well being and my motivation to see it through is fading rapidly.  Life goes on and I am missing much of it while being stretched and pulled by others.  The moon is bright in the sky and she will be there shining down no matter what window finds me gazing at her beauty. 

Once settled I will post more and try to once again weave some words from the soul.  Right now it needs to find the way once again.


2 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. As I sat on the back deck yesterday night, I thought of you. I wondered where you were at in this whole house buying , life moving journey. I guess I now know…

  2. I think you are very wise in your thinking…all will be okay and you will be where you need to be.

    Bullies tend to turn me off too…the empower me to say no much easier!

    I loved all the poems you shared.

    Keep your spirits up!

    Good energies and peace of heart to you!

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