The Days of Waiting

It has been a day of more paperwork needed immediately, of course, but rendered finally at 11:30 tonight from the copy place around the corner. The beauty of this Autumn day was somewhat lost in my frenzy as I found sheet after sheet to “prove” assets, numbers arranged in new ways, but the same numbers just the same.  This has been a much longer process than I expected, partly because those initiating it did not have an adequate grasp of the situation.

As I hang in limbo waiting for yet another call, wanting yet another piece of paper, or perhaps some DNA this time, I try not to think about moving forward but still need to plan in case we do. On top of that the moon has my mind drifting to emotions long ignored and now moving softly through me, my heart yearning for things i had pushed aside. Love is in the air, somehow, drifting through the frenzy, reminding me that I am not alone.

The moon has been beautiful these past days, a huge white globe in the sky, and as it slowly wanes, I hope that soon I will sit with the dark moon in my own home. I long for the water and the quiet music of the night.  Soon i hope.

The rose is for the lovely comment left here today.

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