Finding Home At Last

At last finding home has reached a conclusion and we will move into our new home on Monday. It has been a very long and stressful road but the journey has made me braver indeed, knowing that if I could make it through this, nothing seems difficult. Now it is all the little details of a home, getting this and that in place before we move and then the endless lists of small things we need once moved. Most can wait and will be conquered one by one as time goes by.  Once moved the internet will be gone in transition so there may be a few days where I will be silent. Please bear with me and I will be around as soon as I can get it all set up again.

Last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, I found the words coming back and ideas flowing once again. It was as if someone unlocked a door and a breath of air came rushing in. I hope to capture some of those ideas soon and post them here. 

While working on that I will continue to post art and poetry for your enjoyment and mine, a path that has given me much comfort and one that will never leave me without something beautiful to savor. Thank you for visiting, waiting and listening to me while I worked through this part of my life.


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