My Day

Today is officially going to be “My Day”.  I decided it was time to make a day like this on my calendar.  Hallmark will be caught my surprise and won’t have time to stock cards and silly gifts.  I do not expect flowers or $99 jewelry specials.  I don’t want a dinner with a house filled with relatives.

No, this is my day, a day to listen to my body. It’s been screaming at me lately and I’ve been turning a deaf ear.  It’s time to get back to my workouts, my walks and just get some rest.  It’s a day to listen to my soul.  I’m losing sight of who it is I am.  I need to center and  regain my balance.  I need to sit by the water with my eyes closed and just listen, to trust myself and my instincts again.  On my day I will not fight any causes except my own, those causes being gentle caring ones, all for me. I will not let myself stray to sights that will only prove to upset me.  This is something I had vowed in the past not to do.  On my day, I will make a list in my mind of all of my strengths and remind myself that I am worthy of the path that has unfolded before me in the last year, and the pictures I have been shown.  I  will try to listen so that I might know why, now, I was shown a picture of someone, sparking feelings of a love so powerful, there are not words to describe it.

Today on my day I will take care of myself, my needs, my wants and my spirit.  There are many more days coming to learn, listen and find answers to my questions, and I want to be here for them.

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