On a Starry Night

The first few days in the new house have passed, and though mounds of boxes remain unpacked sitting in the garage, it begins to look a bit like a home.  I had jotted down many thoughts the first night and going forward and unfortunately my notebook sits at home by the bed. We are still offline at home, the one order that was missed despite a confirmation number. It has been a test for me, these days without the internet, returning to posting words on a journal page and my thoughts and words beginning to flow once again. I feel renewed and refreshed, taking a break from the stresses that have surrounded me for the past couple of months. 

The first night we arrived at the house late, after the boxes had been moved from storage to the house.  After ordering pizza, (something I don’t care to eat again any time soon) I was too tired to put the bed together.  I made a bed on the soft carpet and finally settled in. As is I suppose common in a new place, I slept very little and an aching leg finally brought me out of bed before sunrise. The dog and I ventured outside and I found myself gazing at a sky so filled with stars it was as if jewels were falling from the sky.  It was a gift, I think, of the new moon, reminding me that the no matter where I go, these things will always be a part of me.  What we carry within us can never be lost, only misplaced, waiting to find the way back perhaps on a starry night.


2 thoughts on “On a Starry Night

  1. I am so happy you are finally in your home.
    Seems it all unfolded as it should, and it sounds so perfect for you.

    May your new home be one of love and light….like a beautiful starry night!

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