It is late and for the first time in weeks, I have the house to myself. The night is beautiful, the sky awash with stars and the moon already halfway to another full moon. I have found the view from my new deck to be spectacular. These past nights I have not been able to sleep and have found myself lying in bed gazing at the stars.

Of course now that I am alone, all those words I have had building inside of me seem stuck for a moment and all hopes of writing them tonight are futile. They come in small phrases, well done but without completion. It is like writing a letter to someone when you cannot say the words you wish, so you dance around them with other words, often all of them wrong. Over the last weeks I have been clouded with anxiety and the words filled with stress and sometimes anger. Now I am filled with things I find difficult to share. Perhaps I have not found the words or perhaps I am just tired.

Tonight I will sit with the moon and stars and they will listen as they have so many times before, companions in the night sky who always know what is truly in my soul.


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