Falling Leaves

Have you ever had the feeling that you have been someplace before?   I suppose we all have had this happen at one time or another. Last night, as I sat here briefly, I was reminded of something I had imagined not so long ago, a flight of fancy if you will.  It involved myself and another person and a conversation held in the evening, or night, conversations sent back and forth via the keyboard, as so many conversations take place these days.

As I looked down at what I was wearing, the memory of that fanciful moment became stronger. Suddenly it came to me that perhaps that moment where I drifted once, was not what it seemed to be. Was it all an imagination, or was this a memory, or perhaps a picture of something to come. Perhaps the illumination of the October moon, now almost full, was lighting the way.  Who can know of course, but it was an interesting thought and gave me a feeling of peace, as if it all was coming together.

Some moments are like this, like memories of trees, soft and distant, stirred as the leaves sway in the breeze of summer or with a single falling leaf of Autumn.  They drift softly around us awakening us from the slumber of everyday life, reminding us that not all is as it seems.


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