Thoughts on Blog Action Day

I thought long and hard last night about Blog Action Day.   There have been few times I have written for any cause or brushed the surface of politics. It is not because I do not have opinions nor is it a lack of compassion.  I try to make this a place of peace and beauty, a restful stop for those who should travel through.

As the evening went on, I tried very hard to write my thoughts and feelings on the topic, but I could not.  There are times I can be passionate about a topic and there are times the heart is in the right place but the words fail me.  This time it was just not working at all. My heart was and still is, with someone else as were the words.

It seems as I grow older, the suffering of the world hits me ever harder than it did in my youth. I am torn by the injustices of the world and shocked and appalled by the intolerance.  I find I must address those things in my own way and not, it seems, on the pages of my blog. Therefore I chose the words of others to help me along.


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