Getting in Sync

Autumn has arrived full force. The landscape is still brilliant with color, but some trees have lost their leaves and soon they will all follow. The scarlet of the sumac has faded since last weekend and the tree outside my kitchen window is now a silhouette. The last of it’s leaves picked up by the lawn service. I almost miss those leaves and their colors covering the ground like a patchwork quilt. The ground under that tree is bare now, just dirt that will wait out the winter for something new in the spring.  The air has taken on a new chill letting us know the warm days of the season are all but gone and soon the color will be gone, replaced by the silver while shimmer of winter.

The moon has been glorious this month, large and golden in the early evening and brilliant white before dawn. It was so bright this morning that my yard was illuminated with what I thought at first was a yard light. It wanes now so quickly from full moon to new, the dark moon arriving days before Halloween. The energy of the new moon is always strong for me and coupled with the end of October, it could prove interesting indeed.  There have not been any playful happenings in this house, though I would probably be too tired to notice. I thought about it with a tinge of sadness last night, missing the things that went on in our last home, the company often kept when I would sit writing in the night. You may not believe in these things but it only takes one time to turn that belief around.

For now I am just content to be getting in sync with my inner self, if just a little, and once again swaying to the tides of the earth and the moon.  I feel the breeze moving past me, the fire warming me and I can see the stillness of the water, when like glass it reflects the colors of the world around it.  Little by little I  find pieces of myself, lost in the chaos of life in the real estate lane.  I feel the voice from within returning and a voice yet unknown, calling me forward, one step at a time.


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