Tonight is the first time I have had any time to myself in months. As I sit here with my thoughts I am able to look out the back doors to the pond. The water is still as glass and at twilight the few lights from the homes catch the surface twinkling like jewels. The geese are quiet tonight, more of them congregating before at least some of them fly south for the winter.  The trees are still glorious, only some of them leafless silhouettes.  It is a late Autumn and the extended beauty has not gone unappreciated.

The quiet is almost new and I scarcely know what to make of it. I am overwhelmed with thoughts and words and also filled with a need to sit with my eyes closed and just listen.  There are also words I need to speak, words that have been long delayed by the recent changes in my life.  I may do this under the stars tonight as I finally have the perfect place.  A warm blanket and cup of tea should be all I need to make this evening complete.


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