Making Home

The morning is chilly,  the last days of October drifting away with the brightly colored leaves. The geese are noisy this morning, still here and perhaps bracing themselves for a shock of cold weather tonight. Winter storms are predicted for places far north of us but reminds us of what is to come. The sun has made it’s way through the clouds, thankfully, a respite from the gloom we have had for most of the week.

The unpacking continues, the endless mound of boxes now seeming to actually have an end. Unfortunately that end comes with the realization that one such box is not in the garage.  This box contained small things, spices, measuring cups and the remaining kitchen gadgets, along with the cordless phone, nothing earth shattering or sentimental but nevertheless annoying.  I am still looking for some larger kitchen things as well, half my pots and pans not appearing so far.  It seems each time a person moves, something gets left behind, be it large or small.

Today I will bring in some of the furnishings that need to be in place prior to the holidays, unpack the china and hopefully discover the rest of my missing things in these boxes. My heart is a bit tender at the loss of such insignificant things, but each of them ties me to a part of my life, like the large green mixing bowl from my childhood.  Once I have everything in place, I will work on new memories, and work on getting myself settled in a house that will become a home.

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