The End of The Day

The day is coming to a close, the stars once again filling the sky, like diamonds on dark velvet. It has been a long day but good. We are still unpacking but the boxes now number ever fewer. The pictures have begun making their way to the walls and a house begins to look like a home.

Tonight we or should I say I cleaned the pumpkins, preparing them to be graced with faces created by those more artistic than myself, a blister on my ring finger proof of my efforts. The four magnificent soon to be jack-o-lanterns wait for their artist to carve his creations. For the first time in eight years, the dog did not try to help herself as we cleaned making the work much easier.

The weather has calmed from the reminder of winter soon to come and we now bask in Autumn days and sunshine. The temperatures let us forget for just a moment the snow and cold that will soon be a daily companion. This promises to hold for Halloween night and I look forward to an evening of mild weather. It has been fifteen years since I sat out in such clothing, the fall before my youngest son was born.

Tonight as I sit here I have the pleasure to look out on the pond, now so still without the wind, the few house lights twinkling on the surface of the water. It is peaceful and I hear the call of something I still cannot explain. Though my meadow is no longer here, there will be other meadows to find, other secret paths and small sanctuaries.  Time is what I need now, time to wander, time to myself to let go of all that is around me and just drift.  Each night I promise myself I will find that time and each night I drift away with my thoughts, exhausted from the days work. Time goes so quickly now it seems, and there are words I need to write and words I need to speak to the stars. Those words will find their way to those who wait.

For now I must go and clean the pumpkin from myself and make an attempt to energize before I drift once again to sleep.

One thought on “The End of The Day

  1. Sounds like a reflective time for you. I can also tell from your gorgeous gorgeous fall photos that you are really connected to your surroundings. Makes me wonder if this is an autumn phenomenon or whether you’re always so present.

    Again, the photos in your Flickr sidebar are amazing.

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