Finding Time

Yesterday I left work late, an appointment holding up my journey to home and my bed. After the appointment was finished I decided to catch the bus home, not only for economic reasons, but to see where in my part of town it traveled. As the bus started to move quietly down the road, I found myself relaxing and looking at the beautiful fall surroundings. I was surprised to find a wave of emotion sweeping over me as my mind wandered to days gone by, memories of every sort traveling through.

After the memories came words, so many words, pouring from within, stories, characters, ideas overflowing from me. As I sat there with nothing to write on, I wished I could push a button and those words could be stored away for later. They are with me today, some of them, along with the realization that I had not been alone, really alone, for months.

In a life filled with demands and interruptions it is difficult to find the time to listen and let go. Sometimes the funniest most unexpected things can remind us of how we need to find that time. Yesterday I found myself again, at least for a short time, along with the words that had been tangled up inside. Chapters of things to come started to unfold and words once again became my companions. Perhaps I will become some sort of “wandering writer” seen riding the bus with a laptop in hand. Now I just have to get that laptop.


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