The Unfolding of Words

Winter has arrived with a shock of cold air but without the classic first snow of the season. The snow received was a slush that melted quickly away. It seems I am in a state of semi hibernation, a constant state of sleepy hanging over my head. Once the body adjusts to the sudden dip in temperature I will once again feel normal.

As the trees sway in the gusts of cold air I wait for that night that will come when, as I lay in bed, there will be the softest of sounds, a quiet within the quiet, when the snow begins to fall. I have known this sound since I was a little girl and it is something I cannot explain. Of course there are many things I cannot explain these days, or so it seems.

Currently I am thinking of jumping headfirst into the Nanowrimo project. It seems after two years of blogging many things, there is a story within me, unfolding more as each day goes by. Of course the ideas and words come to me, often at the most unexplainable times. Until a laptop is a reality, the old fashioned notebook and pen will become my companions. The urge to write has become almost overwhelming and with this sudden creative surge comes an even stronger need to be alone.  I am working hard not to withdraw from those around me. This explains why, after a night’s work, I sit here in the early morning, my body begging for sleep but my mind cherishing the quiet time. Whether I do the Nanowrite or not remains to be seen as November is well underway and I have not yet started, but I know that things are changing and the writing will happen one way or another.

The quiet time is gone for now with the morning sounds of a waking household. I am off to bed to see what dreams might find me today and perhaps more parts of a story I have waited until now to find.


One thought on “The Unfolding of Words

  1. I encourage you to do so. I also think riding on the bus (with your lap top or writing materials) is an excellent idea. From what you said that is an energy place for you! 🙂

    You sound much happier to me!

    Creative energies and peace of heart to you!

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