Nighttime Thoughts

Tonight I find myself awake in the wee hours after falling asleep early in the evening. The day was busy and it seems I had my days mixed up. Anticipating a meeting I did not sleep but tossed, wondering why I had not received confirmation of things.  Of course the reason was the meeting is next Monday. The afternoon was spent on a long walk and come 7pm after a weekend of nights with extra hours I drifted away. This, of course, is the result.

Now would be a great time to start writing but my mind is going in several directions and I feel the weight of all there is to accomplish hanging over my head. The holidays are creeping up on us all, Thanksgiving a little over two weeks away.  The menu is planned, not that it has changed much over the years and the house is coming together nicely. My only wish is for more people around the table on that day. When I do cook a holiday meal, I tend to get carried away and would love to have a full house to serve.

The stars are out tonight as is the moon, lighting up the sky and making their sparkling road as said so well in the last post.  The road of stars is one I have visualized in the past nights, carrying me to places and people held close to my heart. The moon has been shining through the wooden blinds covering my window the light filling the room with brilliance and shadows, perhaps calling me awake to a time that is all my own.  If only I could weave the words tonight.


One thought on “Nighttime Thoughts

  1. The full moon peaks through the clouds from time to time, and I think of you..on these oh so illuminated eves..
    Hoping that the words find themselves weaving soon!

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