Thoughts on a Chilly Saturday

Winter has arrived with a burst of cold air, the bite of it taking my breath away as I left work this morning. The skies are sunny and the snowflakes that graced the early morning ride home have vanished. Something deep inside of me keeps hoping we will get another respite with an arrival of warmer air, but I think it is not to be and winter is here stay.

The first of winter’s maladies has hit my home and my extreme chill yesterday was heralded by my post filled with unsettled words. This is always the way it is for me, and as I sat in bed, cold as a block of ice, I was reminded of the reason for some of my discontent.  Hot tea helped me through the night and though I am tired today I feel a surge of holiday spirit, something I have been missing for the last year.

As we plan our outside lights, some of my discontent has become a bit more clear.  It is not always easy having a grown child living with you as tastes and styles do not always mesh.  Christmas lights are not huge and I will cave to the desires of others here. No matter what the display I know it will be lovely as it always is.  Inside the house is another matter. We had, I thought, agreed on our basic theme. I am comfortable with a bit of this and that but as I looked around last night, prior to leaving for work, I felt a sudden need to express myself. The sconce in the entryway reminded me distinctly of The Adams Family.  I made myself smile when I saw the retro stainless canisters The mixture of art types on the walls had me wondering. The reference to the  vintage railway station wall clock for the kitchen made me twitch and the “really nice vintage 70’s chair at the antique mall” made me grind to a halt. I made a point of ridding myself of all things 70’s.  When did they become “cool?” I do not want them finding their way back into my home.  Most of what has been accomplished so far looks good, and I can usually go my way knowing it will all turn out ok. My daughter has great ideas, and for the most part excellent taste.

The sconce can be improved with the removal of the candle and the addition of something vining. If not I can put a coat tree there, something we need, and it will be no more.  The train clock though it sounds interesting, will not go with my plans, leaning more toward French Country and I will find what I want and quickly buy it. The 70’s chair, should it wander in, will wander out, as I am just not that eclectic.

The house is becoming a home, I just need to make sure it is my home as well.  There is always my room if all else fails, a place I hope to make a haven of soft design and color.  The holidays are right around the corner and my crazy turkey with the fiber optic tipped feathers lights the evening from the kitchen, and I look forward to the holidays and even the chaos they bring. What a difference a day makes.


One thought on “Thoughts on a Chilly Saturday

  1. I adore how you write! You give us little peeks into your world…and into your heart.

    I understand about the blending of tastes. Sometimes my husband and I have challenges with this. I love doesn’t bother me to have a square table with a round table..or an old chair with a new piece. As long as it all flows. I guess I am eclectic.
    He likes square tables at both ends, and all pieces to match.
    We won’t even talk about colors..let’s just say..he likes the walls all white.
    Somehow we’ve managed..(though the walls are white). :O It is all about give and

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