Life As I Know It

My work week begins again tonight and of course I am starting to wonder how everything will get done before Thanksgiving. The lights have not been started yet and the food will be my task alone. None of it really matters I suppose but every year it comes down to the same craziness. I have brought the lights up on numerous occasions and while the family would love to see them, I keep getting blank stares when I mention what is needed to get them started. The hope is, I am certain, that if they ignore me long enough, I will do it all. The really sad part is, they are correct in this assumption. Of course the weather is cold with a nice wind to enhance my light hanging efforts.

The grocery list is done with the exception of dessert. Once again I cannot make up my mind as there are too many desserts and too little time. There is just a small family group so I cannot justify an assortment though there may be family in town, you can never be sure.

My mood has improved, lifting with a partial day of peace in the house. When writing the last post, I stopped abruptly as my son crept up behind me as he often does, attempting to read my post, and though irritated beyond belief at the time, I have decided to try and see the humor in it. What choice do I have after all?

On that note, the dog is digging a hole in the yard and eating dirt? and the lights need to be pulled out of storage, so it’s off I go.

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