Life Goes On

The week of Thanksgiving has arrived and with it many things that need to be done.   The lights remain where i left them, checked for working order but as of yet not decorating the house.   I may start them tonight with my son as any queries to my daughter, who by the way has a strong opinion about where they should go, have returned muffled sounds sounding something like a yes and lack of eye contact.  The turkey, all 23 pounds, is slowly thawing in the refrigerator and after work tomorrow I will start preparing side dishes.  Dessert has been finalized and with my brothers “surprise” dessert we should be able to feed the entire street.  The dining table still sits in the garage and this too will need to come inside.  These are all small things and one by one they will get done.

My tranquil mood was quickly dissolved this afternoon, reminding me that life goes on and the beautiful mornings such as the one passed, as gifts to help us remember why were are here. As I slumbered quietly after my overtime filled weekend, I was awakened to the notice that this computer was doing nothing and no start bar or icons were to be found.  Tousled hair, coffee in hand and bleary eyed, I stumbled down the steps to find a screen saver and nothing more greeting me.  After the simple things were checked I launched into a system recovery, restored the applications that were disrupted and have things back to “normal.”

Hopefully I will now recover and have some energy left for the rest of my evening.

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