The Sound of Snow

This morning I was greeted not only by the moon and stars, but by the first light of a sunrise to come. I stood watching the beauty of night behold the coming of morning, greeting her with a crescent moon shadowed by the outline of what was full, the dark moon soon to be here. It reminded me of the magic that comes this time of year, the quiet of the snow as it falls and the silver white world it creates. For me, though I tire of the cold, there is an energy I cannot explain, a connection with the world and with things deep inside me. It is a  powerful connection, more so than any other time of year. With this comes intense emotion of all kinds but also a deep contentment of heart, an understanding or perhaps a knowing.

All the seasons of the year have their beauty and if I was to choose, Autumn would be the time I would imagine myself walking among the spirits of the earth. It seems however, that the end of Autumn and the first snow of winter is when my soul moves quietly into another place. Perhaps this is why I could always hear the snow at night, a sound more quiet than a whisper.

There are no whispers now except those of my eyes that tell me I must sleep. Perhaps I will hear the sound of the snow in dreams.


One thought on “The Sound of Snow

  1. Hellooooooo, i was searching for the Blue Moon i took in 1993 to see if anyone was using it and thats how i found your web site. So is there a way you can say it was taken by Star Man.

    I’m glad you stopped by. Come back and visit.

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