Wednesday Thoughts

The day before Thanksgiving has arrived and with it all of the things I need to get done. There is a list of food I will be preparing today along with a quick pick up of the house.  The table still remains in the garage and last night I brought up, again, how important it was that it come inside.  The lights are not up yet but somehow I am calm amidst the chaos.  Something is different this year and  I cannot tell you what it is.  Perhaps it is just that I will not surrender to the madness that seems to surround the holidays.  Whatever it is,  I seem short on words but deep on thought today.  Vivid dreams fill my sleeping hours and there is, I think,  a message trying to make it through my busy days.

Whatever those thoughts, I had better place them on my shoulder for the day or I will have a fiasco in the kitchen.  Have you ever seen flaming marshmallows on top  of sweet potatoes?  I was reading a book when that happened.  Once all is settled and I can find a bit of time for myself and those thoughts tonight,  I think I will write a letter, because I think someone is waiting for it.  Then I will sit quietly and see what the dark moon has to say.

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