A Winter Sky

The moon and stars are visible tonight, the sky clear on a still winters evening.  They are not as magnificent as Monday but still quite beautiful.  Last night they were covered by the clouds that brought with them the quiet of the snow.  There is a magic that has come with them, something that speaks only in whispers but can be felt by all who can hear.  Perhaps it is the illumination of the Moon, combined with the beauty of Venus and the strength of Jupiter.  One would have to agree it makes for quite a combination, if nothing else, a gift in the December sky.  Some have told me they feel it is a sign, of what they could not say.  I am not one to be swayed by such things as signs and prophecies and the few that I have acknowledged were personal and beyond question.  We all lead such busy lives it is hard to take the time to just sit and look at the stars and enjoy something that costs nothing but a moment of time, bundled in a coat in my case.

Life continues as does the season and I am taking things slow trying to enjoy this season. It worked for Thanksgiving, surely it will work for the season of Yule as well.  I am savoring the music and lights, and the energy that seems to always find me no matter where I find myself.  Last night I could feel the heart of one so close it was as if I could hear his words.  This morning the room was filled with the scent of my father,  unmistakable and lingering, the “Irish Spring” he always liked surrounding me.

This house has been so quiet I wondered if those experiences had ceased to follow me at last.  It is hard to explain but I was missing it, the sudden bursts of perfume and the feeling of company as I sat writing.  It is something that causes me to pause when I share it, knowing full well how it might sound to some.  There are many things in this world that cannot be explained, making life richer and lending it a bit of mystery throughout the ages.

The moon and stars wait for me to join them once more.  Perhaps some of us will meet, for just a moment, on this beautiful and energy filled night.


2 thoughts on “A Winter Sky

  1. ((( Goldenferi ))) Hi, sweetie 🙂

    Oh, it made me smile to read that you special occurances have followed you to your new home. It will take me some time to catch up with everyone and everything, but I just wanted to drop you a quick note – hope all is well with you! HUGS!
    I am so glad you are back. It was like a sign yesterday when I found the falling snow on the blog and then your comment. I can’t explain it but it was like a sign that everything was as it should be.

  2. Dear Golden,
    I am glad that your father visited you. I am even more glad that you know.
    I may tend to venture off into descriptions of the “territory”, in my thoughts, since I rarely if ever share these secret stories with people. Maybe that is why for the most part I am mute now…..maybe that is why I am writing to you.
    Because I know the place where the magic happens..and so do you.
    only difference Golden? I am a singer, who quit singing. A musician who quit playing..

    except, I still play the flute to the hummingbird



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