Night Lights

Tonight is a busy evening but beautiful. I have taken off work as the weather has shifted, blessing us with two days of mild temperatures before it turns brutally cold on Monday. My plan is to finish the outside lights.  The deck was decorated on Thursday night and after being out in the cold I was too paralyzed to do anything further. It does look  splendid however and is a contrast to the decorations across the pond that look surprisingly like Patrick Starfish from Spongebob.  Sometimes things can look quite different from another angle.

My miniature blue lights are missing and while this is not a catastrophe by any measure, I am dissapointed, as blue and white was the plan for the front of the house. Blue is a popular color and I will not be getting any this late in the season. On to the next plan as there is no shortage of lights to choose from.

While hanging lights I will be enjoying the moon if she comes out from under the clouds.   I was fortunate to see her before the sun came up Friday morning when she was shining in my bedroom window, so large it felt as if I was looking at something out of a fairy tale.

But enough about the moon and stars and the colored lights of the season. My ladder awaits and must heed the call.


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