Of the Soul

Sometimes when you think no one can really see you,  someone comes along and they go beyond and read the unsaid words. They know what it is that makes your soul restless.  They hear  the voice within you that speaks between the words on the page.  Some we find in this life, and some find us.

The moment is always surprising when you listen to a song and wonder, how did they know or you read a letter from someone far away and you feel as if you could write the next paragraph.  The soul seems to connect to some more than others.  They find those who have known us always, who may walk through our lives but for a moment,  reminding us that what we feel is real and not imagined.   Some walk into our lives and stay, no matter where they are, near or far.  They are a part of us,  bound by spirit and soul.

As life goes by there are many we may not recognize until they have passed through. Those who do not stay leave something behind, a reminder that others walk with us in this life, some who are yet to reveal themselves.


7 thoughts on “Of the Soul

  1. So much about life is about longing, loving and letting go..well that is what I think anyway! I think if you are lucky enough to connect with someone who really -gets who you- are then that is a real gift , it is a rare one and as we get older we realise just how rare. You seem to be troubled ? Or is it just the time of year, just glancing quckly through your recent posts here. Hope all is ok with you and yours. Maybe ctach you on line later/ ps the wolves have taken me over ( long story!) Peace and light x

    • Not so much troubled as increasingly restless. I feel a much stronger pull to the things that call me. My heart and soul are filled right now and they are not being bargained with.

  2. I know you are a fan of hers.. Golden..

    There is no bargain with Life, Golden. Too many people today believe that all is negotiable, a matter of choice..but there are places beyond, for which inner compliance leads to greater freedom; although at the time, it may not feel so.
    To fly requires discipline so that the freedom may be known..

    Of course you already know this..
    you have been here before, I imagine.

    And what are these things which call you? Are they a secret?

    • I suppose you could say the things that call me are a bit private. As time goes on I have increasing difficulty discussing them with anyone. I have found some things through waiting and those things that have been shown to me, now call me in an unmistakable voice.

  3. Well that’s that then! Far be it from me to inquire, really. Who am I but a
    wisp of a word in your life, strange and foreign, i imagine? Still, in my many days of private silences, I would have wanted someone to ask me. Although I would have said the same..

    I think of Rainer Rilke now, as I type this..

    “Move in and out of transformation.
    What is your most painful experience?
    Is the drinking bitter, become wine.

    Be in this night of a thousand excesses,
    magic power at the crossroads of your senses,
    the meaning of their rare encounter.

    And when the earthly has forgotten you,
    say to the quiet land: I flow.
    And to the rushing waters speak: I am.”

    oh!! and, this.

    “Though the pool’s reflection
    often blurrs before us:
    Know the image.

    First in the double world
    do voices become
    eternal and mild.”

    have a nice evening Golden…

    I tread off to work now.

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