The holiday flurry has begun and I have spent the day buying a few planned gifts and had hoped to do a bit of baking tonight.  The cold, however,  has worked its magic and I am wanting to do nothing more than stay warm on this very cold December evening.  This staying warm thing is alright I have decided.  If the baking does not get done, the world will not stop.  If all the lights are not up, and I can assure you they are not, the holiday season will be just as bright.   Maybe it will be even better.  Simplify is a good word. After the last few years of trying to keep everything the way it always had been, I realized, things were not the way they always had been and it was time to change.  While others were leaning on me with expectations, I was growing tired and disillusioned.

So, this year things are simplified. I have some  lights out and they look grand.   I am making dessert this year for the holiday, instead of the many baked treats we do not need.    I am getting take out for Christmas Eve, so that I do not spend the day cooking and cleaning, only to repeat it on Christmas day.

Simplify; to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier: to simplify a problem.  It gives a little time for reflection, some time to enjoy the music and time to look around before the holiday means nothing more than stuffing discarded wrapping paper in the recycling bin at the end of an exhausting day.  Simplify works for me.  You might want to give it a try.


3 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. haha AWESOME post and a great reminder.

    When my oven went out, it was a sign to ME to “simplify! I was just saying I “needed” (like someone is checking up on me!) to do some holiday baking.

    “REALLY”? Said the Universe? “Are you sure about that?”

    🙂 Simplify works!

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