Yuletide Thoughts

The holidays are upon us, Yule bringing a rush of energy with its arrival.   The preparations for the 24th and 25th are coming together and I am working hard to resist the familiar voice that causes me to come unglued amidst the celebrations.

The menu is planned and the groceries delivered. The decorations are in place including the garbage the dog so festively spread from one end of the living room to the other.  Since she cannot write, she spends my bloggingth other pursuits. Most of it has been cleared away and I have informed my son that if he wants to give me a present,  picking up the house would be better than any wrapped gift under the tree.  My work week is done after tonight and then the food preparation begins.   Somehow I am cooking for both days again, something I tried hard to avoid.  The pre- ordered meal turned into a “there will not enough”  worry,  leading the way to me.   I suppose I should be flattered  that those around me love my cooking, but it is hard to enjoy the holiday when one is cooking, cleaning, falling into bed, up early, cooking and the cleaning up.    I suppose it is my lot, one that I seem to enjoy despite the work. time wi

The snow arrived over the weekend and we are covered with a blanket of sparkling white. Bitter cold followed on the heels of the snow and even a short walk to the mailbox to retrieve the items delivered made my hands sting miserably.  Tonight it will warm up just a bit and with that warming will come more snow.  Though it is a mess on the roads it is a gift for the kids soon out of school for break.  With it comes the classic seasonal picture of snow gear,  sleds, snow frosted trees and the sparkling white landscape in the light of the moon.

Today I entertain a holiday fantasy of running away by myself, traveling to places I have always wanted to see, enjoying the peace and savoring the Yuletide energy.    In reality,  I suppose I would find myself lonely and quickly return home to those who love me.  Perhaps during the next busy days, I will find a moment to savor some time for reflection.  My heart and soul still stir with a restlessness and longing too  strong to be extinguished.  There is the energy of the season and all that comes with it,  but also quiet thoughts I cannot easily share.

My words are still a struggle these days as they find themselves wound around my heart, words I am working desperately to write.   What better time than a season of love and renewal for those words to find a way.


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