The Moon Tonight

The moon is out early tonight, a brilliant contrast to the twilight blue of the evening sky. The few clouds that are present drift past her in a brush stroke of softness, reminding me that more are on the way, bringing with them snow.  I do not recall seeing the moon this early in the evening, not in summer, fall or in the winter.   At dinnertime it is a treat to be sure.   She shines brightly into my kitchen window, my favorite window of the house, wearing what might even be a smile. I can never fully share the magic I feel in the presence of the moon.  Some words are simply not enough and some are meant to fall silent when other voices seek to be heard.



2 thoughts on “The Moon Tonight

  1. Lovely, what you write, Golden. Your last sentence…reminds me of music..
    When the clutter of the mind is no longer prevalent in the natural discourse with the elements…the silence, then for me, Golden brings the song…

    But, I chatter on…after such beauty as you have written, it is as though the element of your inspiration has shaken my quiet, and intense placidity..into a wave of sounds..

    Tonight when I looked at the Arizona moon in the cool sky, Golden. I thought of what you wrote…and your words echoed in my consciousness.

    Thank you Golden,


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