Night Ramblings

Just like old times I find myself up in the middle of the night blogging away. The only difference is, I struggle with what  to say. I tried opening another blog, one that remains and may be my new home,  and I tried redecorating, all to no avail.  I assure you there is much I want to say, but it just will not make its way to words, at least not yet.

It is the coldest of cold January nights, a biting cold when walking outside.  It was a good day to spend watching movies and baking, the warmth of the kitchen and the covers of my bed a welcome comfort.  The days have been cloudy,  filled with the intermittent falling of snow, but tonight the sky is  crystal clear and just a few moments ago, the stars were a reward for a very brief walk outside with the dog.  If I could capture them for you I would, but you have to be here to appreciate the view.

In the midst of this icy winter wonderland, I need flowers, woods and spring and so my winter pictures are gone, at least for the moment.  It is late and I really should try and get some rest.  My dreams have been vivid, if somewhat strange and it makes sleep ever so interesting. So goodnight for now and may dreams carry you to your heart’s desire.

3 thoughts on “Night Ramblings

  1. Not so much anymore…but occasionally…I miss having a computer at home. I remember some nights when – sleep eluding me – I’d go to the computer and spend some time.

    Time seems to be passing so quickly – its the middle of January already! Hopefully, you’ll have that Springtime feeling soon…and those flower!

    Say – perhaps you could make some up in your kitchen…in the meantime! 😉

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