There Are No Coincidences

Here it is, well past midnight and I am still awake. Actually it is past two in the morning. I stayed up far too late and now I have the second burst of energy. I was working on my midnight thoughts from the last post  and no sooner did I save that post than the most unexpected thing happened. It was most certainly a sign of my thoughts being on the right track  and  almost as if the hand of the gods came to my rescue, pushing me when I could not jump.  Sometimes things really do seem to happen for a reason and I am still inclined to believe there are no coincidences.

The other night when I longed so for the moon, a string of cold snowy days having been in the cards, I came out of work and a crescent moon worthy of a painting greeted me in the now crystal clear sky.  Even then I wondered if my whispers had been heard.  The stars have been glorious even if they have been viewed from the warmth of a window and Venus has been spectacular.  If you have a view of the stars you will not have any trouble finding her as the star is very large and bright at present.

The music is back on and I am  beginning to drift to a place of comfort and beauty. Music has always been a refuge, or a place where you can travel far away. These days I tend to move toward more peaceful music as this is what I seem to need in my life, at least the greater part of it.  I have been tagged and I will try to get to writing about six things no one knows about me. I do not  consider myself that fascinating but nevertheless I will give it my best.  Those who know me are aware I do not often respond to tags, nor do I tag others.  For now it will give me something to put on the page and perhaps I might surprise even myself with what I come up with.

Truly I am going to try and sleep now as I have a very large turkey waiting to be prepared for dinner and it will not wait for an afternoon oven.

3 thoughts on “There Are No Coincidences

    • No. I will respond. I need to get my mind going and this is a good opportunity. It was most timely and I will get it posted.

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