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As posted earlier, I said I would come through on this one and I’m going to give it a try.  The object is to reveal six things about yourself that no one else knows. I do not know how close to that category I will come as, really, I am not that fascinating. I am also supposed to tag six others and for this part you can all breathe easy. I do not tag. I was tagged by Song whose beautiful blog you should visit.

I have been blogging for a bit over two years, starting on WordPress in January of 2006.  Before that time I was on blogger and decided to give this site a try. I also have a blog on a UK community site, one that I am closing as of today.  It is a bit like tearing part of my heart out but for now it is for the best.  I am adding some links to a few blogs there and if some of them would add the subscription widget..hint hint, I would be subscribing to a few more.

My home is full of pets,  a dog, three cats, a mouse and a frog. Before the summer is out there will be more creatures as I have a son who is sure to end up working somewhere in the great world of living things.

I have three children, two grown and one who is a teen.  There are two boys and my oldest is  a daughter. My oldest boy, who does not really talk to me, has always been my pride and joy and I hope he knows just how much I love him.   My daughter is going to be thirty this year and I look in the mirror wondering where the time has gone.  My youngest is probably the most like me and it is no wonder when we practically come to blows during arguments.  He has a tender spirit and also feels the mystical side of things but is stubborn as a mule when challenged.

My life has been spent in the healthcare side of things and only recently have I realized I probably spent my years pursuing the wrong career. It is not that I do not like some parts of it but I know that I am just not long suffering enough to be what others would have wanted me to be.  I grew up in a family where I was offered two choices, teacher or housewife.  This is the old days for all you young girls shaking your head.  My parents had few if any goals for me other than marrying and having a husband who would take care of things for me.   I was brought up helpless and whiny and only when my unhappy spouse left me, as we didn’t belong together in the first place, did I learn things I should have known from the beginning.  I am not sure I should ever have been married and would approach it with tremendous caution if it ever presented itself again.

Teaching is something I really do not enjoy.  I would surely end up in prison if  put in a teaching position in our middle schools.  Our children are in terrible trouble if we as parents do not retake the role of adults.   Housewife is another poorly chosen occupation for me as I always felt I needed one.  I have the highest respect for anyone who does this job and does it well. It is hard work with little glory.

My ideal job would be to travel and write about it, but as this sounds a bit more like a fantasy I am sure you will find me right here for a long time to come.

As I grow older I find my compassion is much greater and things that bothered me when I was younger almost tear my heart out now.   This is why I do not blog on causes or world events. I have to have a space for my own sanity where it is peaceful.   I think in this stressful time, we need all the peace we can get.

Lastly, though I think I have said this in the past,  am left handed but right brained and hopefully I will come up with something creative in the near future. I know this is not exactly in tune with six things about me but it is as close as I could get.  Any questions? Ask.

2 thoughts on “Six Things Tag

  1. Thanks Golden!! I love you! And I love your writing.
    i love your humor…your comments on teaching..and housework!! ha!
    We wouldn’t want you to end up in prison, Golden…

    Sounds like a wonderful family, and pets…
    You did a lot better than I did…i really hate to write about myself…but you’d never know, probably by what I rattled off over at Song! I think I lost a reader because she told me I was a Diva! That is so funny to me…almost preposterous. Oh well..

    Since you said we could ask questions;

    Why are you leaving the UK?

    If you don’t want to answer, ignore me.

    Thanks again Golden, for being you….even better than yesterday…

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