Thurday Afternoon Thoughts

Another January day  has arrived and here I am mid afternoon finally getting started. I have, once again, some insomnia going on and while I am tired at night I am not able to get to sleep in a timely fashion. I have a feeling of disconnection with the things that are important to me and while I’m sure it will pass I am, as is customary, obsessing about it inside.

I am working hard to separate myself from the things that I feel have been robbing the very essence of my soul and while I seem to be taking a strange route in this disconnection, it appears to be working. One, at first glace, would think me more connected but it is the other way around.  I have also started a blog here for dreams, an idea I stole from a visitor. I hope to make it something interesting once I start having some good ones to post. I did have school dreams last night but as all of know, school dreams are usually unpleasant so I will not relive them on the page. I only know I made someone upset with me, typical, and she missed an important debut in the school play or some such thing.  But my dreams are for another page.

The dark moon is approaching, usually a powerful time for me, and hopefully I can regain some kind of peace within and listen for the words that have abandoned me these last few days.  I hope you are all having a lovely day as in these stressful times we need to find whatever peace we can.

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