Ancient Twlight

The gardens retain the ancient twilight
A fading light that silhouettes the trees
The trees that have observed forgotten magic
through centuries of man.s insanities.

Nightbirds acknowledge ancient twilight.
Their instincts attuned to every sound
The stepping fox, the rabbit or the field-mouse
Anything that moves upon the ground.

The plash of running water in the twilight
The flash of firefly among the reeds
However much the human race negates it
Nature still provides for ancient needs.

For there is balm inherent in the twilight
An ancient remedy for common use
To salve the wounds that mankind have inflicted
through ignorance or greed or self-abuse.

Aromas accented by the twilight
abound there for anyone who cares
to savour once again the ancient fragrance
of Damask roses heavy on the air.

So walk among the gardens of the twilight
if you need to purify your soul
Be receptive to the ancient magic
that emanates and penetrates and makes you whole.

©Laurence Neill, 2008

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