Life Is Good

Last night I hoped, would  be  nice quiet blogging night, one where I could fill the pages with inspiration, my words flowing like a fountain.  Of course great plans do not always develop the way we first think they will. I had the time to be sure, my work week at an end and having set my night aside to recuperate.

The night before had been spent  discovering with certainty that I cannot eat strawberries.  There had been suspicions in the past, episodes of varying severity but never proof of the culprit.  There was even an episode in June a year or two ago, one that put me on the living room floor feeling much like my time had come to an end.  This time when it happened I finally was able to put the final piece in the puzzle. I had  just munched down a box of strawberries while sitting at my work desk.  It started with a cough, relentless and most annoying. The cough stopped to my delight but not long after I began to get clammy,  my vision started to blur along and then came that much talked about “feeling of impending doom. ”  It passed after several hours and medication of course, but left me exhausted and with the processing abilities equal to Patrick Starfish from Spongebob.

Last night I looked at my blogs, read the blogs of others, discovered some  really good blogs,  tried not to eat the contents of the kitchen, a strange side effect of it all,  and just relaxed.  Any inspirational words were clouded in a sea of strawberry lethargy and so I searched for the words of others.  One fine piece I had saved disappeared when I added a painting and is lost until one day I stumble across it again.  I will find that piece again, along with the words that still elude me today.

For now all I can say is the days grow longer and not only do I enjoy the many stars and constellations at night, but also the very beginnings of sunrise in the morning.  Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Life Is Good

  1. The stars look different just before dawn don’t they?
    I enjoyed this bit of writing of yours, like a note to the universe…

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