Ever had one of those days when you needed to vent, really vent for whatever the reason? Just when you think the opportunity has presented itself, you find yourself cut off  and the recipient of an unwelcome  lecture. These lectures are well meaning of course, but the timing is terrible. It does not matter how […]

My Back Pages

Tonight I was blogging about a little of this and that and oddly this song came rushing back. I found myself moving with the music as a wave of emotion swept over me.  As the music played it brought back memories and left me contemplating the passage of time.  Where has this song been and […]

Just Once

“Run your fingers through my soul.  For once,  just once,  feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine and for once, just once, understand.” Unknown Source

The Night Swans

“Tis silence on the enchanted lake, And silence in the air serene, Save for the beating of her heart, The lovely-eyed Evangeline. She sings across the waters clear And dark with trees and stars between, The notes her fairy godmother Taught her, the child Evangeline. As might the unrippled pool reply, and answer far and […]


When the day darkens, When dusk grows light, When the dew is falling, When Silence dreams. . . . I hear a wind Calling, calling By day and by night. What is the wind That I hear calling By day and by night, The crying of wind? When the day darkens, When dusk grows light, […]