The Welcoming of Spring

Here it is the 2nd of February.  As I have been browsing a few blogs I realize I had completely forgotten Imoblic or sometimes known as Candlemas.  Perhaps this is the energy I am feeling around me the last few days.  Certainly we have been blessed with spring like weather over the weekend and we watched some of winters ice melt away while spying an occasional patch of grass. There is nothing so uplifting after the long dreary days of winter.  There will be no celebration tonight other than the thought of spring sitting in my heart.  My work week has not yet ended and the candles will need to wait until tomorrow.

Today is a celebration of light, a day that heralds the arrival of spring. It is also the day of Brigid, a Celtic Goddess whose light shines for many as she tends the sacred flames.

Our spring will no doubt arrive in time. It is a bit early in my part of the country though I do remember such February days, walking through campus wearing a spring jacket.  No doubt we will see at least one more fierce storm before the Crocus grace the landscape.  Spring is on the way but the bleak midwinter is still with us, filling the earth with ice and snow and cold winds that rattle the windows to remind us of it’s presence.


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