Once again I find myself up during the night.  It is a peaceful beautiful time, the half moon looking in my window like a shadow dipped in an icing of bright light.  The stars finish the sight and if it were not an icy night I would be doing this from the deck rather than the warmth of my bed.  The house is quiet and while I know I should sleep, having made promises for the  upcoming day, I relish this time to myself.

Of course all this peace gives me time to think and thinking I am, of many things. There are too many thoughts to put on the page of a blog, at least in one night, and some of them I should be putting elsewhere.   If only I didn’t question myself so much.  Life is too short for doubts.

I think I will just sit here for a while and look at the moon. Perhaps she will tell me the answers once again and let me write the words that sit here in this guarded place.

4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Many of us have this “problem” where our thought take over in the quiet of the night.
    Perhaps we have to learn to enjoy this time rather than taking it on sufference. We have to learn to be at peace with ourselves and to accept this time as “alone time”. Perhaps it’s meant to be.

  2. When the thoughts flow like moonbeams,
    and there are words
    in plenty
    So good to read of your
    in the monnlight

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