By The Moon and Stars

Night has arrived and with it time for myself, time badly needed.  I had been saving the words for tonight, lyrical words to paint a picture of the view from my window.  Those words are back after two days of fighting a deep discontent, a discontent brought on partly by the addition of sugar to my diet. Did I mention I was on a diet?  No I think I skipped over that. It has been long past the time to get back to some level of fitness. The injury to my knee, now almost two years ago, made a convenient excuse to sink back into laziness. It has been going slowly but well and I am on the road to the old/new me.  The point system works well, but this is how my lyrical words were interrupted, on the way from the kitchen to my laptop.  Balancing fruit and vegetables through one room to another, I fell over the cat, sending me crashing into the steam cleaner.  The  milk in one hand poured down my leg but thankfully other than a battered ankle the other things  remained intact, including me.  I am to blame for the location of the  steam cleaner , though I swear it is out for me.  I dislocated my little toe on it not long after the move, prompting its removal to the garage,(the steam cleaner, not my toe). The whole balletic scene would have sent my son into gales of laughter as he knows the history of this demon machine.

Now, where was I?  The moon is brilliant tonight,  the full moon of February arriving on Monday.  I have had the pleasure of the light shining through my bedroom window in the wee hours of the night. Framed by the many stars it makes for a  lovely view. Tonight I have put the shades up so I can truly savor the mystical backdrop of night. Already I can see  a light as the snow on the pond begins to illuminate under the the moon’s gaze.  I can feel the energy of this moon, or perhaps it is my own energy filling me with emotion and words waiting to find their way to these and other pages.  Perhaps tonight by the light of the moon, some will finally be written.

3 thoughts on “By The Moon and Stars

  1. Yes, it was quite a strong moon, I manged to get quite a bit done, we had snow here as well and it was lovely seeing it shine on the white and making a path over the water. Hope your foot is better.

  2. Hi there 🙂

    A couple of mornings ago, I walked outside to stand under the fullmoon…It’s taken me some time to figure out where it rises and sets, in my new place. It sets so that I can see it from my bedroom window. Ahhh, it’s so magical. I couldn’t help but feel the light penetrate my heart and bring me joy.

    Hey…congrats on your new health regime!!!

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