Ever had one of those days when you needed to vent, really vent for whatever the reason? Just when you think the opportunity has presented itself, you find yourself cut off  and the recipient of an unwelcome  lecture. These lectures are well meaning of course, but the timing is terrible. It does not matter how large or small that lecture is or how well meaning the words. What matters is once again you have not been heard.  Such was my day yesterday. The day started out fine, but I became increasingly out of sort. I was  needing some time, for what I am not sure, and dwelling on a post I had read, one where the author took a not so veiled shot at me.  I was feeling good that I had let it go, skipping what I guess was a much hoped for retaliation. Still, I  needed to voice my displeasure to someone, wallowing a bit longer in my irritated state.

Of course finding the positive road in all things is lovely but I have to wonder about those who day in and day out never fail to look for the silver lining. Where do these people live, for it certainly is not in my world.  I am known as an optimist and yet some days are just not positive.

The mini lecture which was, now that I have had a chance to rant, more of a reminder, was not lost on me. It was well intentioned and it did make me think of all the times I failed to listen and reminded someone else of the better path. Today all is well and now that I have had a chance to speak, I feel much better.  I can move on now, and enjoy the winter wonderland that graced us during the night. The stars and the moon are still here and life goes on.

4 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Awakened with a Kiss by David Jeffrey

    A love unknown to me, but growing day by day.

    Residing within my heart, where it chose to quietly lay.

    Days and years went by and ever stronger it did grow.

    Real love lay right before me and little did I know.

    I played in false romances, growing more bitter with each pain.

    But always, confiding in my dear friend, time and time again.

    Till a warm summer night, and with reckless might, she took me in her arms.

    And with a kiss, the love emerged and I was awakened to it’s charms.

  2. I think that is a very wise..just move on. I have to do that often too. Sometimes the best response is simply NO response. 🙂

    I swear your site just gets lovelier…I always feel calm when it unfolds on my screen.

    Enjoy your moon and stars..we share our love of them.

    Good energies and peace of heart to you.

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