Thoughts On The First Day of March

This past month has been a quiet month for me, one where I tried very hard to write but was not very successful. Certainly there have been words but no ability to make them flow.  There is the issue of personal space and one of trying to feel home.  The dreary days of Winter are another issue.

This week I hope to get myself going a bit more and work to create a space just for me, one where I can drift away like I used to, losing myself in thought and letting the words flow.  There have been dreams of the sea and longings in my heart and soul. Those things have kept me churning but I have found it is not always easy to share some parts of myself.   I am on another journey I think, one of metamorphosis, where new parts of me are emerging while some things are being left behind.  Once I have found my private space, I will try to share more of  this journey.

March has arrived and with it, the promise of spring and the awakening of the earth.  Not only do I hope to create a space inside, I hope to find places outside in nature where I can once again connect.  The crows have found me, like they have done in the past, announcing themselves in their loud song outside my window.  They remind me of who I am and how I discovered myself one day walking  a wooded trail.  Now they are here to share the next part of the journey as I walk within myself and find that place that calls in a quiet voice.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On The First Day of March

  1. Hello My friend – just letting you know I am thinking of you and asking you not to be a stranger, I am feeling very isolated now..

    The Dark Mage has left me unsettled and my energy sapped. I have got to keep on fighting the good fight.

    Blessed Be


  2. Ahhh
    you are still here,
    must be a glich in the web world.
    I am also in dire need of the winter to be over.
    9 inches of snow last night.
    I tried taking photo’s to just bring me some creativity.
    but now i am cold, and in need of space with out teenagers…
    or small people.
    Love them, but need some quiet.

  3. Ah, this next couple of days is for true dreaming. Thinking of you and may you walk in dreamy peace and harmony! Find your Sacred Space both within your heart as well as your physical reality. Many blessings!

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