March an Ode

“Ere frost-flower and snow-blossom faded and fell,
and the splendor of winter had passed out of sight,
The ways of the woodlands were fairer and stranger
than dreams that fulfill us in sleep with delight;
The breath of the mouths of the winds had hardened on tree-tops
and branches that glittered and swayed
Such wonders and glories of blossom like snow
or of frost that outlightens all flowers till it fade
That the sea was not lovelier than here was the land,
nor the night than the day, nor the day than the night,
Nor the winter sublimer with storm than the spring:
such mirth had the madness and might in thee made,
March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms
that enkindle the season they smite.”
–   Algernon C. Swinburne, March: An Ode


5 thoughts on “March an Ode

  1. thought of you.
    layed outside under the night sky, and the moon was full ( or darn close!) and the clouds seem to be like waves, just rolling by, it was so peaceful…
    hope you are finding some peace under the night sky

    • Thanks. I need to start writing again and I’m suffering from a bit of a “writers block.” Always glad to see you were here.

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