Thoughts On Awakening

Sometimes we have a struggle of the soul, one that makes us stop and question everything and everyone around us. It may cause us to pause and look at the path we have been following with a new clarity, or it may be a time when a new part of us is trying to emerge.  This has all been happening to me in the past couple of months or more.  I find myself swinging in and out of all things familiar, discovering those people who bring richness into my life and also those who strive to take it away. These discoveries are not always what we expect and those we find closest too us are often those who work to influence us the least but stand calmly on the sidelines to shelter and support us. Sometimes we discover people who once again feel as if they have been there before, friends from another place and time.

Not surprisingly during this time my words retreated to a place deep within and I have been unable to form even the simplest of paragraphs that one could regard as writing.  Now they have returned and I find I need a quiet space away from all eyes, for just a bit, to rediscover those words and the pictures they can weave. No, I am not leaving here, but just wandering a bit.  I have changed, and with this change comes a desire to weave a tapestry of words with more color and perhaps more mystery.

Spring has arrived in  the off and on way it often arrives in March, and with it an awakening of the earth and all that it holds.  With this awakening will come a freshness and new life.  As I find this new life, I will continue to try and capture it here for you. It just may take some time.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Awakening

  1. I wish I had more time to sit with your words. Your words feed me and cause me to reflect. As you move into Spring, I move into Fall. Someday I shall be brave enough to write and share, and not just feed.
    Pete – West Australia

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m not always so brave but I am glad you enjoy the things I share. It makes me feel like what I write has a purpose.

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