Whispers and Thoughts

It is very early in the morning, the house quiet and the moon and stars still decorating the night sky. I have been sitting here trying to write while listening to the rumble of the train moving it’s way down the tracks, it’s destination unknown.  It seems to represent me, this train, as I have been traveling within my soul, unable to determine my destination and continue to be adrift in my thoughts, not knowing who or what I am searching for.  There is a part of my soul that waits and with it comes a deep longing.

There has been much conflict in my day to day existense and I have had the pleasure of finding a target on my back, put there at the hands of a  blogger whose soul has become lost in life and whose only pleasure comes from creating pain and chaos, spreading the negative energy that sounds her heart to the world at large.  It has been a source of much distress for me, not only in the form of slander, but in the posting of my personal information.  It seems to have quieted, finally, and I am hoping her mind has found a place of temporary peace.

The days are now beautiful, spring having made it’s way to us at last. While there may still be more snow in some brief spring storm, it will quickly melt away leaving us with more patches of green, the first of it showing through yesterday. More long walks through the trees and trails are in order as I discover secret places to replace those left behind when we moved.  Along with this I have been trying to work once again with the moon and the elements.  My Persian cat is delighted, his whiskers nicely curly once again from exposure to flame.  At least one of us knows exactly what they want and he waits dutifully by my little storage drawer of candles, waiting for the next time I light them.

The energy of the day feels good so far. I am walking my own path right now, one that cannot be intruded upon by those who are lost, or by those who would choose to use their will to help me find my way. I am my own person. I have no need to be someone else.  Spring is here and with it the gentle delicate beauty of beginnings. I choose to walk quietly with that beauty, drifting through the sun and shadows of my world, whispering to those who might choose to hear me along the way.

3 thoughts on “Whispers and Thoughts

  1. I was watching a DVD the other night Wayne Dwyer (?) and there was a phrase attributed to Budaha (?) that went something like “If someone offers you the gift of critisizm and you do not accept it, to whom does the gift belong?”. Please continue to whisper – and may your heart sing.

    Pete – W Aust

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