A Birthday Thought

This morning I was searching for something to post for a birthday wish. I wanted just the right picture or just the right verse finding neither one.  Never when you are looking can you ever find the right thing.   I traveled to the recipients profile on another blog and found a map posted there,  marking where he lives, so far away. As I sat looking at the map,  I realized how close his home is to the sea. I found myself drifting away to the sounds of the water, wondering how dazzling the moon must look as it shines down over such a place. It is the same moon we all see, the same one shining down on all of us no matter where in this world we make our home. If only we could stop and remember that, just once in a while.  On this quiet Sunday morning while looking for just the right “card” for a friend, I found something for myself  and  I was lost in daydreams and pleasant thoughts.  How strange things work out sometimes.

Happy Birthday Kenan

The Freedom of the Moon

I’ve tried the new moon tilted in the air
Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster
As you might try a jewel in your hair.
I’ve tried it fine with little breadth of luster,
Alone, or in one ornament combining
With one first-water start almost shining.

I put it shining anywhere I please.
By walking slowly on some evening later,
I’ve pulled it from a crate of crooked trees,
And brought it over glossy water, greater,
And dropped it in, and seen the image wallow,
The color run, all sorts of wonder follow.

Robert Frost

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Thought

  1. My God!
    It’s the best birthday present I have ever had!!
    Thanks from my Heart dear Jane.. you are amazing
    I didn’t expect such thing!!
    It’s like you really know me…I adore sea and its wonderful sunset.. I spent many hours there on the rocks talk to the moon in nights…I can’t forget your words forever..
    Big amounts of love and wishes to you

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday wish. When I saw your map I felt so swept away by the sea it inspired me. I can see you sitting on the rocks by the sea and how beautiful it must be. Hope you had a great day.

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