Thoughts Before Bed

It is a beautiful morning, spring skies and the first hints of green grass to come. The birds are singing and the geese loudly announce their return, a sound I have always enjoyed. As I left work this morning the slim crescent of the waning moon was  a beautiful sight to behold. It reminded me of why I have been having a flood of words along with emotions.

There will be many more posts going forward and I hope to revitalize this blog. I  realize my energy has been wasted, frittered away on things of  little value.  I have allowed myself to be drawn into petty conflicts, sapping the very energy needed to be spent on more noble pursuits.  This is all I can say for now.  The words will have to wait for a later hour, as bed calls and I am far too weary not to answer. I do not wish to come back this afternoon and find some strange post written from a faraway half asleep space.

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