New Moon Thoughts

The new moon has arrived once again and with it the last days of March. I am watching the snow flurries through the deck windows knowing this is a last farewell of winter as spring moves across the land.  My son is struggling with the ups and downs of the cold, too young to remember the normal winters of our states. We have had years of unseasonably mild winters through his childhood and now the last two years have come as a bit of a shock.  He waits to move with nature and all her creatures, a call strong within his soul.

This moon has a strong emotional feeling for me, and I feel the pull of people and places calling me. Perhaps it has always been there and now as I grow older I take notice.  I wonder as we grow older if those we think are growing absent minded and forgetful are merely hearing a call of things long forgotten, whispers from the soul long ignored. They now have the time, or maybe it is just the time when such things will find us.  Certainly we can travel through this life oblivious to who we really are,  too busy to notice or maybe  ignoring things we are told are foolish.  The soul has way of getting your attention, at least this has been my experience. You may find yourself in one place but the soul will know where it belongs and it will quickly recognize those people who belong there as well.  If you are  missing a part of yourself, you will be reminded on days like this, days where the energy of the moon, hidden from view, will call those feelings to the surface.  These are the feelings I have been tossing about since last night, my heart aching  just a bit for those places and people who call, hoping they hear the words I send in return.

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