More Sunday Thoughts

Here I am at home for the night, still struggling with whatever bug has flown my way. It is a bit mysterious and I am wishing I had someone else medical to look after me right now. The problem with a background in any medical field is everyone around you expects you to figure it all out. When you could use a bit of nurturing you find yourself on not only the short end of a stick but often a non existent one.  I am a bit pouty I realize that, but it has not been a good evening and it does not appear to be getting better. So I am bound to sit quietly and play with blog designs while listening to out of character music discovered while watching “Twilight” last night, again while sitting quietly.  It is good to know what the kids are watching though my son is not one of those kids.  He was rather disgusted at my choice as he is with the current trends. The movie was not half bad and if you have the chance to watch it you might be surprised at how well a movie can generate emotion and imagery without blood, guts and graphic sex.

My blog design is courtesy of this lovely site.  I wanted to give credit to one who worked hard to develop beautiful backgrounds for the rest of us.

Blogging, television and movies have been my companions this weekend.  Television is disappointing as usual so I have narrowed things to movies and blogging. One of my new books arrived and I am hoping to get a look at that as well.  I may be blogging late into the night, my breathlessness  causing my clouded mind to fill with words.  While this wouldn’t be the way I would choose to write, I will no doubt take advantage of the situation.  I enjoyed the afternoon for a brief time sitting on the deck blogging under the blue sky.

Goodnight for now, and may the moonlight shine down and give you beautiful dreams.

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