Sunday Thoughts

Happy Easter to those celebrating the day with family.

Once again it has been a few days since I have posted.  I think I need to reorganize my life so I can once again get those words to the page.  Some things have been taking too much of my energy and privacy has been a big issue as well.

The day is beautiful as it has been all week, warmer and sunny.  The trees are budding giving the landscape a look of a painting slightly smudged and we wait now for the first of springs delicate green leaves.  The moon has been glorious all silver white  and bright earlier in the week. Last night it was late viewing and a beautiful golden color surrounded by a haze of clouds. I have decided a good astronomy book is in order as I can view the skies so clearly.

This is the first year I have not had dinner on Easter Sunday.  It is a major change for me and feels a bit weird today I have to admit. It was however a good decision, as I am fighting  a spring bug of some sort and would not have been the most cordial of hostesses.  I should have seen it coming as my mood became increasingly poor as last week progressed culminating on Friday with the inability to move and breathe at the same time.  The house is falling down around me and there is nothing to be done about it. This week should be crazy as there is dinner Wednesday, the one I did not have today, and my sons birthday on Friday.  We are planning a day at the Mall of America. He loves this place as much as I hate it and we will return from our day tired and filled with appreciation for peace and quiet.  I am looking forward to dinner, I will admit that, and really I should be thankful  he still enjoys my company. He is a teenager in many ways, but a wise old soul in others.  He sees the world with a clarity I never had at that age.

Today I can sit out on my deck and enjoy the beauty of the day, my cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other while I try and find the energy for a nights work.  The simple pleasures of life are always the best and I hope you all have a moment to enjoy the day as well.


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