Ramblings on a Sunny Afternoon

April is moving along in fine style, the warmer weather apparently here to stay and sunshine and blue skies greeting me each morning. The skies have been clear at night inviting me out to enjoy the breathtaking view of the moon and stars. Even when battling the latest flu like bug one cannot help but appreciate the gift of nature from the window.

I managed to make it through the weekend though I must admit the first part of this virus was most unpleasant and a bit unsettling.  Breathing is one of those central things to life and when you cannot do it well, it leaves you tired, emotionally strung out from lack of oxygen and a bit hazy.  It is greatly improved now and apparently was the prelude to the much more mundane flu like bug I have now.  Ah but no one wants to hear about the flu.  Dinner, planned for tomorrow will be rescheduled and I will be riddled with guilt at having to disappoint my brother once again.

The days have been filled with rest and leisure and the nights with vivid dreams,  none of which I can recall at the time. I have decided to try and  journal  them for look back at a later time.  I will say if “leave well enough alone” ever applied, it was this weekend. I decided to try my hand at a redo of my other blog on this site and ended up with nothing short of a mess.  After inserting CSS code for a background I removed said code only, as I was not impressed. It was never the same. Part of the original template was gone and I cannot get it back despite many efforts. When I switch templates, the codes now get scrambled and I end up having to wade through all of it.  One template will no longer allow a header picture and on and on.  That will teach me to mess with codes during the night while ill.  I may take the other blog offline for a couple of days to see what I can do to rescue it.

Many thoughts about blogging have gone through my mind. I do quite  a bit of blog browsing especially when all I can do is sit in bed. It always amazes me when people are shocked when the things they write are out there for the whole world to see.  I was under the impression that this was the idea.  Twitter is another such beast, one I fail to understand the value of.  If you do not lock your Twitter account anything vile you say is on Google.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion certainly and with that their freedom of expression.  With that freedom comes accountability.  If you write something another person finds offensive, you may find yourself with a dissenting opinion in your comments.  Comments should be respectful at all times even when there is a disagreement.  If you expose someones personal information on the web, or proceed to revile someone by name, you may find yourself at the receiving end of their greatest displeasure.  This is called a consequence and blogging is not without them.  There are things that belong in a personal format only, and if your purpose is to lash out at the world and all who walk it, you may want to consider purchasing a journal at Borders and using it for your therapy.  A support group might be helpful as well.  We have enough anger and  hatred in this world.  There are those who would tell me not to read such pages, or to have compassion because said person has issues. When my name and location ended up not only on their blog but on Twitter,  I had little choice.  I have little sympathy for a grown person who makes childlike excuses for bad behavior toward others.  Because of this experience and the sorted things said, I almost left the blogging world.

My soul has recovered and I am now finding my way back to words and writing. Illness can be a very illuminating time as well, fatigue giving a certain freedom to the mind allowing words to flow.  Perhaps tonight I can write some of those words.  If you are having good weather, take time to sit out under the blue skies and the stars.  Wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea there is no better place.

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